Literally, the amateur is one who studies a topic not - like the professional - in order to stage a career, but for the ove of it, motivated by a sense of care, personal involvement and responsibility. Amateurs are correspondents. And in study they find a way of life that harmonizes with their whole way of living in the world. Admittedly, this appeal to amateurism is not wihtout its pitfalls, especially in a political climate in which professional expertise is routinely dismissed as the posturing of a technocratic elite more interested inshoring up thier own status and pivilege than in listening to the common sense of ordinary, unlettered folk. Something must be added to our definition of what it means to be an amateur, lest we risk a descent into crude populism.

(from - the rigour of amateurs) Ingold 2020, Correspondences p. 11-12

This text instigated me to reflect on  my ‘way of art’  in terms of materials, concepts and contexts. Adopting an experimental approach, I aimed to listen and observe the work informing its own concept and aesthetic. I would have never thought of this process as correspondence with my work or the world, but gradually I learnt to value my position as a co-author with these ‘more than human’ energies.  The artworks below include the materials/media I entered in correspondence with, a variety dictated by the ideas and the work itself. The outlined order is  indicative of the timeline.



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