Seraphim I | hand pulled screen print on Somerset soft-white smooth paper| 2022 | 45 x 60 cm | 50/150 | acquired 2023

Dan Hillier makes collages and ink drawings using a mixture of found imagery and his own imaginings. His work is born out of a passion for line work and collage, a love of archaic imagery and an urge to produce pictures that provoke humour, wonder and a certain subconscious recognition in the viewer.

The acquisition of this work was a result of a particular longing. My grandfather’s place was a source of amusement as well as a place that I wanted to escape from. I have used Ron Arad’s words when he at one point referred to a shift in people’s attitude ‘what they used to hate, they came to love’. In this sense I find a mystical/mythical energy in the form of latent memory that I associate with the space and wanted an artwork that would encapsulate that. There were a lot of cartoons that as a child inspired me and that I used to hide from elements of this place. The Masters of the universe was one of those and Seraphim I has become the result of this persuit.  

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