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Early explorations through drawing and painting became pivotal stages in developing an understanding for my art and the world, and as such, a foundation for all my subsequent work.

I want to show the practice of thinking we often call ‘theory’ doesn’t mean having to lift off into stratospheric realm of hyper abstraction, or to mingle in our imagination with concepts that have drifted so far from the ground of experience, to which they owe thier origin, as to have lost all touch wiht it. Quite the contrary, theoretical work can be as much grounded in the materials and forces of the inhabited world as the conduct of any other craft. To practice theory as a mode of habitation is to mix and mingle, in one’s thinking, with the textures of the world. This means, if you will, not taking literal truths metaphorically, but taking metaphorical truths literally. -
Ingold 2020, Correspondences p. 14-15

xejn | mixed media on canvas | 192 x 140 cm | 2008 | photographed by create create
process drawing | graphite on card | 84.1 x 118.9cm | 2009 | photographed by the artist
process drawing | mixed media on lining paper | 45 x 45cm | 2009 | photographed by the artist
process drawing | ink and marker on paper | 28 x 28cm | 2009 | photographed by the artist
libera me | mixed media on panel | 142 x 92 cm | 2008 | photographed by the artist


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