WG19 (burnt umber. raw umber. burnt senna) | watercolour and marker on paper | 2020| 42 x 29 cm | edition | acquired 2020 photographed by ...
Out of Ice | Black Dog publication | 2017 | 27 x 27 x 2 cm | edition | acquired 2018 photographed by ...

One of the most significant Scottish artists of her generation, Elizabeth Ogilvie lives and works in Fife, Scotland.  She works with a fusion of art, architecture and science, using ice and water as her main media and research focus to produce vast environments dedicated to water in various states. Out of Ice is the latest of Ogilvie’s many works that meld ice and water with ambient sound and refractive and projected light to create intense, immersive experiences. By isolating ice and water from their natural habitats, Ogilvie presents the subtle variations that occur as one material changes to another, encouraging the viewer to contemplate their fundamental qualities and shared origin.
excerpts taken from Out of Ice

I was lucky enough to cross paths with Elizabeth Ogilvie. She is one of the most remarkable people I know. For me there is an aspect that deals with the sublime in her work also present in this particular work.  Liz was instrumental in my formation years as an artist. This relationship started when she entrusted me with the Robert Callender International Residency for Emerging Artists as a first recipient for my work Shards of Zen. Since then I had the privelage to witness an artist with an amazing creative spirit and a drive for excellence in her work but also a passion from bringing about the best in younger emerging artists with the spirit of generosity. I am proud to have Liz’s work present in this collection.  

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