Inspired by Oshibori Linkage’s aim to add a cross-culture artistic merit to the existent qualities of おしぼり, Ikħal takes on a guitar interlude from a typical Maltese folk song and digitally extracts the sound waves of such interlude (specifically 0:46 - 1:18 - https://youtu.be/-UrrUeu2KT0).

Ikħal | digital image | 2023  

Ikħal offers two dimensions to this project - vision and sound as interpreted and expressed through the use of Prussian Blue and Indigo. These hues were intentionally selected with reference to the two main blue used in Hokusai’s iconic Great Wave. It is apt that both art works,  Ikħal and Great Wave, relate to waves. Blue became an important common component between Malta and Japan, especially its reference to water. For Japan this can be a symbol of fortune, purity, and serenity, while transcending purity, spirituality, and devotion in Maltese culture. 

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa | colour woodcut | 25.7 x 37.9 cm | 19th century  by Katsushika Hokusai | photograh copyright free media repository

Both countries, composed of an archipelago of different scales can mutually relate and through this project reflect on the hospitable and generous nature of its people. Both countries have a hospitality precedent to live up to, Omotenashi (Japan) and Acts of the Apostles 28 (Malta). 

Ikħal was one of the selected and funded works from an international competition for the Linkage themed Tokyo Biennale 2023.



All artwork © Joseph Calleja | Please do not download, reproduce or share without permission

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