WG19 (burnt umber. raw umber. burnt senna) | watercolour and marker on paper | 2020| 42 x 29 cm | unique | acquired 2020 photographed by ...

Nika Neelova lives and works in London, UK. Often utilising reclaimed architectural materials, Nika Neelova is interested in the way materials and architecture influence our sense of time and place. Bypassing straightforward means of fabrication, her work is concerned with finding modes of retrieving and revealing information that is already there and the multiplicities of histories concealed within in as a way of finding and imagining evidence of human pasts through inanimate things.

excerpts taken from the artist’s website
The first time I came across Nika Neelova’s work was at the New Sensations 2010 curated by Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4. Since then I followed her work progress and am always inspired by the way she changes found materials and what aspects of this materiality speaks to her thought process, as this is something also relevant for me. This artwork, acquired as part of the Artist Support Pledge, fits well in the collection where often minamal and intricate elements are interdependent according to obejcts, thoughts, contexts, and sites.

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