Humankind is posited as the pivot around which the balance of the human and the non-human turns. Yet the pivot is itself founded in one of the most potent myths of modernity... Paradoxically, an approach which purports to dismantle the distinction between the human and the non-human, and to level the playing field, is justified on the grounds that in their manner of engagement with material things, and in the progressive history of that engagement, human beings are radically distinct from all other living kinds... The truth is that in a more-than-human world, nothing exists in isolation... It is a condition of life that everything leaks, and nothing is locked in.

Ingold 2020, Correspondences p.6-7

This text instigated me to reflect on  my ‘way of art’  in terms of materials, concepts and contexts. Adopting an experimental approach, I aimed to listen and observe the work informing its own concept and aesthetic. I would have never thought of this process as correspondence with my work or the world, but gradually I learnt to value my position as a co-author with these ‘more than human’ energies.  The artworks below include the materials/media I entered in correspondence with, a variety dictated by the ideas and the work itself. The outlined order is  indicative of the timeline.


paint | drawing | painting  
wood | tixref  
glass | shards of zen series
paint | cyclical
wood | 05003034
light | lumen series  
paint + fieldwork | http://
portraiture | għidli ma’ min
site | 77
light | constant
sight | OD  OS
paint | stratum  series
paint | residuum  series
paint | depositum  series
paint | reliquum  series
text | untitled
wood + glass | imċaqlaq series

paint + wood | mgħotti series
geopositioning | antipode  series
paper | mimsus
sound + light | pictured at rest  series
sound + time | stabat metric  
sound | ikħal


All artwork © Joseph Calleja | Please do not download, reproduce or share without permission

Studio 73|75|77
77 Mgarr Road Qala Gozo Malta