- If, today, our world is in crisis, it is because we have forgotten how to correspond. We have engaged, instead, in campaigns of interaction. Parties to interaction face each other with thier identities and objectives already in place, and transact in ways that serve, but do nothing to transform, their separate interests . Thier difference is given from the start, and remains afterwards. Interaction is thus a between relation. Correspondence, however, goes along -

Ingold 2020, Correspondences p. 9

An experiment in the interaction between projected light and cast shadows within a space, con•stant looks into how we perceive things to be real and how strong or fickle this perception is. Harking at Plato's Parable of the Cave, the installation layers light infiltrating the space from the passing traffic with a projected video that mimics the beams illuminating the space from outside. The resulting relationship between the real and the artificial causes a surreal sense of uncertainty as our brains try to decipher between the two realms. This piece questions what is real and what is not, and aims to be playful and intriguing as opposed to maddening or frustrating. Collaboration with Jonn Galea.

constant | film projection | Edinburgh | 2012 | (play feature)

When documenting this work, paying particular attention to public engagement, I witnessed something, for me, remarkable. Most people bypassed the work. However, just after dismantling my tripod and my camara, I noticed a cyclist, stopping at the red light just outside the gallery. Upon noticing the projection and the absence of bikes outside he dismounted his bike, and took some of his time to look. He smiled and resumed his journey. 

constant | film projection | Edinburgh | 2012                                                                                                                                                                          



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