This is one of the most relevant and inspiring texts that I have come accross. It felt as if that through my artwork I was already striving for what this text so eloquently conveys. I see this website as a series of reflections that puts me, the artist, as a viewer, alongside everyone else. I have no financial interest behind spreading this book, but I have a personal interest to enable an audience into the considerations this book proposes. I am sharing a snippet from its introduction as a flavour. The full text can be purchased through this link.

We inhabit a world of more than humans. For life to flourish, we must listen to the calls this world makes on us, and answer with care, sensitivty and judgement. That is what it means to correspond. 

In this book, anthropologist Tim Ingold corresponds with landscapes and forests, oceans and skies, monuments and artworks. To each he brings the same spontaneity of thought and observation, the same intimacy and lightness of touch, but also the same affection, longing and care that, in the days when we used to write letters by hand, we would bring to our correspondences with one another.

The result is a profound yet accessible inquiry into ways of attending to the world around us, into the relation between art and life, and into the craft of writing itself. At a time of environmental crisis, when words so often seem to fail us, Ingold points to how the practice of correspondence can help restor our kinship with a stricken earth.

Ingold 2020, Correspondences

Tim Ingold is the author of eleven books, a fellow of the British Academy and the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and Emeritus Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen.

Ingold 2020, Correspondences


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